Privacy Policy

What we send.

Silent Radiance is an application that receives music, like a radio. Currently, the application does not send any information out.

The Cred Database

Internally, Silent Radiance can store credibility or "Cred" events on the phone. These cred events happen only at showws where a DJ sends them out.
Cred might be used in the future to allow the user to send the cred out to other websites such as facebook, with the user explicitly stating they want to do so. Cred events do not have personal invormation. the basically state "I was there."

What the maker of Silent Radiance thinks about privacy.

I have worked as a database developer for 20 years. I work with private data in an ethical way. SilentRadiance is an application to let people know music, not to be known because they like music. Please enjoy.