Thanks to:

Who What When ...
Justin Gurnewald Gave me the idea to Broadcast Music. Wrote the flower visualizer. 2015
Broadcom Made a chip that could broadcast wireless fastert than 1Mb/sec 2000's
Gi Gi Became the face of the App 2015
Dave Taht Gave me a hin about using Opus for compression 2015
The people of Lupin Lodge Testing out the app on Tuesdays 2015-2017
George Okendo (AKA El Sexy Boy) Gave advice, mentorship, and a taste of Reggaton Music. Gave the idea of sing-a-long. 2018-2019
Nathan Vogel (AKA Dr. Spook) Gave great guidence, and trusted me with his music. Also, gave the best shows over the years 2017-2019
Patrick Green Founded - a great streming radio for psytrance 1998-2019
Jason Williams Working on visualizer 2018-2019
Matthew Witt Designed the background squares visualizer 2018-2019
Dewey Dew Working on visualizer 2018-2019
Dennis Domine Working on visualizer 2018-2019
Isiah Working on visualizer 2018-2019
Ivonne Lauger Working on visualizer. Provided the secret ingredient to solve sing-a-long. Muse. 2018-2019
Luis Santiago Working on visualizer 2018-2019
Agent Koo-Koo Became our first VJ. Muse. 2019
Jessie Matheny Being an awesome PsyTrance expert and consultant. 2019
Prince Playing Housequake with everybodys cell phones out at an Oakland show, inspiring the DJ controlled visuals. 2009
Taylor Romo Provided the first music for us. 2018
Srikant Voruganti Purchased the first song. Working on a visualizer. 2018
Hippolito Medrano Providing his hater bots to help us give respects to the late Larry Harvey, founder of Burning Man. 2018
Mike Stringer Asking Why? 2019
Kim Clouse Bringing Real Good Country music in the fold, and all that implies. 2019
Others The 10 year old girl who tried it. The Sacramento DJ who spun for a Lupin Regional, the critics who helped shape it, Rick Friesen for teaching me some musical event ropes. And others I dont remember or forgot to mention. Thanks. 1970-2019
You You for checking SilentRadiance out. Thank you! now